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A good number of people offer Polo lessons but Dealisadeal Polo Farm is the best in terms of learning and fun-filled activities. Dealisadeal Polo Farm is located in Loxahatchee FL in the western part of Palm Beach county.  The Polo farm owner, Carlos Gonzalez, is passionate about polo which is one of the reasons why he put up the farm to follow his dreams and help others learn about it too. He offers polo lessons to people of all ages and despite their lack of experience. They offer good training for the beginners as well as small children who love horses.

If you want to learn about polo or just want to improve your skills, the polo instructors are very helpful when it comes to guidance. You can play a number of chukkers and there are no limits to the numbers. You can even play more if you are a beginner. There are also stick and ball lesson practices offered during the week.

The farm offers exclusive horse riding camps which are filled with fun activities for the whole family. Kids are able to make new friends while still learning about horses. They enjoy horse riding activities offered by the good-hearted staff who ensure that safety is the first priority for kids. Campers get to learn more about horse grooming and care, riding, tacking, breeds, anatomy, history and veterinary care. They can also have fun in the swimming pool or play games in the farm fields. They can also visit the petting zoo animals. Other fun activities to enjoy include archery and arts and crafts.

The staff and the beautiful ponies are friendly and that's why the place is a popular hot spot for many visitors with an added advantage of its nearness to the Palm Beach. For polo lessons and fun activities for the whole family, Dealisadeal is the place to be. 

Hot Shots Paintball located in Loxahatchee, Florida, part of Palm Beach County, is recognized as one of South Florida's hottest paintball facilities. This vast area consists of four unique fields on 20 acres.

The first field is an Xball and speedball field. This field is set up in  stadium style setting, with giant inflatable bunkers. These bunkers are constantly moved creating a different experience with every visit. Next they have a more traditional paintball field, called the bus field, with forts at each end, staggered bunkers, and even a bus to hide in. The third field is Plywood City, a close-quartered urban combat setup, laid out with cars, trucks and plywood buildings offering all types of shooting angles. The Junkyard is another great site, offering players a chance to hide behind stacks of tires, piles of "debris" and various other junkyard items.

Geared towards family friendly fun, Hot Shots offers birthday parties and paintball camps for younger players. Keeping the frugal families in mind, Hot Shots Paintball has a wide variety of pricing plans as well. They offer single admission, group rates, all day event rates, hourly rates, and for the hardcore paint balling family, frequent visitor rates. If you are concerned with the safety aspect of paintball and your family, Hot Shots has that area covered too. All participants are required to attend mandatory safety briefings before playing. On top of that, masks are required at all times, and if a player surrenders they are not allowed to be shot. Hot Shots Paintball employees are also strategically placed throughout all the fields to ensure a safe and fun environment at all times. When masks are off and players are off the fields, barrel plugs are required so no misfires will take place.

If you're looking for something different and adventurous in the South Florida are try out Hot Shots Paintball in Loxahatchee for a great time.