Gardens Skate Park


Gardens Skate Park


Gardens Skate Park in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is the place to be for any skating enthusiast. This doesn’t mean that a beginner is not welcome. On the contrary, it is the ideal place to start. The park is situated within Plant Drive Park on a newly renovated 12,000 sq ft facility. It is a fun place for any family to spend the day. The park is open from 9am to 9pm in the evening. The rules are simple for the skaters: no amplified noise, no graffiti, no illegal activities and absolutely no competitiveness. This simply makes it ideal for your kids. All you need is a helmet, other protective gear and a great attitude.

It is a great place to also sit back and enjoy seeing what others can do. If you have already started skating and are looking to turn up the heat a few clicks on the dial, the park provides the best courses to try out new things. Beginners and advanced skaters have a place to exchange a few tips without feeling outdone. The park comes with a 70’s feel thanks to its unique set up. The banks, vents, rail and one box are nothing but a delight. The people are nothing but friendly making it an ideal learning ground even for those that have no clue what skating is all about. 

The park does not come with trainers meaning that you will need to make arrangements in case you want to learn. You can still do this by watching some of the advanced skaters have a go at it. The set up is also ideal for stunt biking which can be really fun. Motorized bikes and machinery is however prohibited which makes it totally safe for your kids. It is a perfect place to pass time as you enjoy great stunts.  

Parents will appreciate the shaded spectator seating. Skaters/bikers under the age of 18 must have a waiver on file and Skate ID Card. Skate ID may be acquired at Burns Road Recreation Center, 4404 Burns Road.  The skatepark is staffed during hours of operation. Skaters under 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


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