Naranja Park

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    14150 SouthWest 264th Street
    Naranja FL 33032
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Naranja Park


Naranja Park is a 10-acre public park located in 14150 SouthWest 264th Street, Naranja, FL 33032, Miami-Dade County, United States and is famous for its fascinating community pool which was launched in late 2012. The pool facility was built to offer the residents, as well as the visitors a place to have fun relaxing and engaging in physically activities like swimming, The pool offers the residents the opportunity to showcase their swimming skills. There are also swimming lessons offered for beginners.

Kids can have plenty of fun in the splash playground that features dancing floor jets, tube slide, sprinklers, and water cannons. There are also funbrellas, shaded bleachers, and lifeguard chairs that add beauty and class to the swimming pool deck and also the splash playground. The pool building has showers, locker rooms, and staff offices. The pool is also friendly for individuals with handicaps as its fitted with a Lift and an Aqua Trek Ladder for easier access. Actually, the whole pool facility can be easily accessed by people with disabilities.

Additionally, with the Learn-to-Swim classes where lessons are offered by professional instructors, kids and adults can have a great opportunity to take a dip and have fun swimming. Swimming also improves physical fitness and overall health.  The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Naranja Park has several other amenities which include a multipurpose soccer/football field, baseball/softball field, a recreation center and a kid's playground. Most schools teams play their tournaments in the field. The children's playground is well equipped with all the necessary equipment. This adds fun and excitement to the day for the kids. The park also offers facility rentals, after-school programs as well as Miami-Dade Parks Summer camps.

There is no greater way than to spend your summer vacation with your family in Naranja Park because it's family friendly and there is plenty to do. Visitors are not left out too. There is plenty of accommodations as well as good food in hotels near the park. 


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