Everglades Swamp Tours of Fort Lauderdale

When most of us think of Fort Lauderdale, we often picture the famous beaches, Riverwalk, boating, shopping and local arts.  Some may see it as a great jumping off point for their next cruise ship adventure out of the Fort Lauderdale port.  Many don’t often realize that just under 40 minutes west of the city there is a wild gem to discover.  Everglades Swamp Tours of Fort Lauderdale can give your family the opportunity to see a bobcat, deer, panther or even a black bear. Look down into the water at what lies beneath: alligators, american crocodiles, turtles, native fish and some of the biggest bass fish you have ever seen!  

No trip to South Florida would be complete without a visit to this world-famous ecological site: The Florida Everglades.  It is described by UNESCO as  “a complex of habitats supporting a high diversity of flora and fauna. It contains the largest mangrove ecosystem in the Western Hemisphere, the largest continuous stand of sawgrass prairie and the most significant breeding ground for wading birds in North America.”   The Florida Everglades is listed as one of UNESCO’s*  World Heritage sites.

The beauty and peace of the Florida Everglades can be easily reached via I-75 from Fort Lauderdale.  Everglades Swamp Tours at mile marker 35 offers families access to one of the most authentically Florida spots to explore: the “River of Grass”.  

Guided airboat rides can take you into the heart of South Florida where you can see migratory birds and local predators up close...but yet at a safe distance.  The kids will love the thrilling glide of the airboat through the grasses and across the water’s surface.  If your family prefers going at your own pace or enjoying the buzz of the cicadas, croaks of the gators, and squawks of the birds then try taking a few kayaks out on an adventure.  

Everglades Swamp Tours allow you and your family to enjoy an intimate experience with this most natural and wild side of South Florida.  Their 1 to 2 hour tours allow you to easily add this adventure to your South Florida itinerary.

Planning a trip from Fort Lauderdale over to Naples?  Make a day of your journey and plan to make the journey your destination too.  Stop to smell the roses or, in this case, the swamp.  See what lies just off the road.  Slow down and take in the sights.  

Everglades Swamp Tours offer different sized airboats that can hold 2-18 passengers. You can book a Private romantic sunset or night time trip or bring the whole family! Their Private Tours can be customized to your specification.

Book Now at 305-849-0135.  Reservations Required.  https://evergladesswamptours.com

*United Nations Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)